Does the price of a pair of shoes make a difference?


Jan 17, 2006
I was just wondering why Jimmy Choos, Brian Atwood, Christian Louboutin, Dior, Giuseppe Zanotti, just to name a few are so expensive? Is it the comfort?....the design/materials? brand? I have a few friends that have designer shoes and they can only wear them for a couple of hours, I thought that was ridiculous!
The designs, materials, and construction are all much, much finer. My favorites are Guiseppe Zanotti (though I rarely buy them except on sale).

Some designer shoes are really killer, though. Gucci heels are super uncomfortable, but damn, some of them are hot hot hot!
My favourite heels are monolos and Louis vuittons. I'm not a usual heel wearer but with even I can wear them for hours and my feed don't hurt at all. But I experiened this just with those 2 brands! I think with a lot of them it's the name you pay!
I don't wear any of those designer shoes - I have never spent more that $160.00 on a pair of shoes (Cole Haan g series, on sale from $200) - There are many very impressive, good quality shoes out there for much less, making it easy to use restraint. Also I hate designer logo or gimmicky shoes.
For those who say they don't feel the difference between a Nine West shoe and a Guiseppe Zanotti: REALLY? I don't think I'm a really sensitive or picky person, but I can immediately tell a difference in fit and comfort.... especially in the balance of the heel.
I wore a Stuart Weitzman with 3 1/2" heel at my wedding and I wore it the whole day (except for maybe half hour when we took pictures on a grassy area). The ceremony was at 2pm followed by picture taking on a cliff (Sunset Cliff for San Diego people) then reception that lasted till midnight. Yes, there is a big difference in comfort level. Jimmy Choos are also very comfortable. So, yeah, the price is well worth it.
I have Gucci's and Miu Miu's that have 4 inch heels AND I can walk comfortably in them. But I've tried 4 inch heels in less expensive shoes and can't do it. It might be that the "let" (the shape of the shoe/foot bed) for those brands works for my foot. Whereas I know other brands, regardless of the price don't work for me.
I was wondering this as well. As a real estate agent I want to buy a really nice pair of brown heels that will last, look professional, and be comfy for all day. But I'm too scared to spend so much on shoes!! I guess I should try at least one pair?
For me its the quality that unfortunately usually has a high price tag. Zanotti is my faves too Intlset! :love:

I like Manolo's too but only his super high shoes which aren't too practical for work. I wear high heels but his are usually darn near spikes. :P
the most comfortable pair of shoes i've ever had one were manolos. they were fab. since everyone's feet are different and all the shoes are made with a slightly different ideal foot in mind, so i think it's important to find a brand that makes a shoe that agrees with you. prada shoes kill my feet, can't wear 'em, my foot is not their ideal foot :-P