~~Does the Poche 26 fit inside speedy 30?~~

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  1. Does any1 know if these fit inside a speedy 30, if not whats the best size to get get to fit inside my speedy's


  2. I had a PT26 and sold it because it didn't fit well into my 30's. I leave my Speedy 30 unzipped most of the time and each top edge sorta slumps down a little (hope that makes sense!). The PT26 would stick up out of the top of the bag. If you keep the bag zipped it might fit better. I use a PT19 and it's a great fit.
  3. Thanks 19flowers PT19 it will be then,

    Still hoping for pics though gang

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    the 19 makes a great makeup bag. But, I have it but decided this works better for makeup opens wider my pouchette cracked after 4 yrs. But I use it daily. I do not know if you want this for makeup though but I hope this helps
  5. Should I get the TP 19 for my speedy 30? I dont always zip my speedy.

  6. Yes, I use the 19 in my 30's and they are never zipped -- the 26 will stick out the top opening if the Speedy is unzipped....
  7. Thanks I want to buy one but I am unsure if it is real. I am a newbie and I dont know what is needed to authenticate. I will poke around- I appreciate that info- :biggrin:
  8. My T26 does not stick out the top opening of my speedy 30 when it's unzipped..

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