Does the Plomb with GH come in the day bag style?

  1. So for the people who saw my other post, I got the Plomb GH city bag yesterday. I love it so much but I was just curious if anyone knows if the Plomb color with the GH comes in the day bag as well. Thanks! :smile:
  2. You'll have to call NM's or Barney's and find out if they ordered it in that style with the GH. I'm pretty sure that Daphne told me that they ordered the Steel in Silver GH only but you could always call and double check. Good luck!
  3. Well I can always maybe get it from the actual Balenciaga store. I was just curious if someone knows if they even make it in that color and style. I am just kind thinking about it cuz it's a lot cheaper than the city and I do have the day bag in Apple Green and it's nice. Even though I do prefer the city but there is a $400 difference cuz the day bag doesn't have as much hardware.

  4. I'm sorry, I referred to Daphne instead of Balenciaga New York, duh. Daphne is an SA at BalNY and I'm pretty sure they didn't get that combo; only silver gh with steel/plomb.
  5. I checked with a seller and she didn't order it. Balenciaga more than likely made the combo, you'll have to call around to see who ordered it. Maybe the store that you purchased your city from will be getting it. I really like it with the gold.
  6. Thanks sooo much!!!