Does the Picotin remined anyone else of a feedbag?

  1. I say this with NO INTENT of insulting ANYONE who owns one. MIL and I were looking at one over the weekend and she said to me "That looks just like the old feedbags at Simon's stable" (our family owns horses and BIL trains/competes, so...). I looked at it and it did remind me of a picture out of an old Black Beauty book. Knowing the history of Hermes, is this an intentional design? We are both curious.:shame:
  2. Yes, it was intentional. :biggrin:
  3. I believe the design was indeed based on a horse feedbag :smile: Just as HAC was intended to carry riding boots, if my memory serves me right.
  4. 'Picotin' is the french collective noun for 'horse feed' my French SA was explaining to me - my French is not great so I may be not 100% accurate.

    There's another similar shaped bag with rope handles that is called a nose-bag in French - the 'mangeoir' - sorry I can't spell it, lol

    Hermes' origins began in equestrian items and many of the details in the bags and leather goods reflect this and it's one of the things I love about Hermes.
  5. ^^I think you are right, like a horse feed bag, I have a barenia PM and I love it! I am looking for a TGM or GM!X
  6. Thanks ocmommy and THANK YOU for taking my question exactly as it was intended, lol. As I look closely at many of the designs of Hermes bags, the obvious link becomes apparent; I just didn't want to think I was "putting an idea where it really wasn't". Saddle bags, saddle pads, bags shaped at saddles, etc. come to mind when I look at many a Hermes bag. Again, thanks! :smile: :heart:
  7. As has been pointed out, that's the design. It adds a whole new layer of pleasure (and appropriateness) for a horse nut like me!

  8. Can anyone tell me the dimensions of the Picotin PM vs the GM bag?

  9. Thanks! Also saw on eBay that the base of the MM is 9.5 and the PM is 7.5....
  10. AL, thanks for those comparison shots and piaffe thanks for linking here.
    AL, which do you find most comfortable to carry on crook of arm and on shoulder? mm or gm? I'm thinking the gm handle drop is longer --which may make the gm more comfortable--but gm also has a wider base--which may make the mm more comfortable. Inquiring minds want to know!
  11. Yes, and you can feed them to me every day:upsidedown::upsidedown::nuts::heart::heart:
  12. I Love the Picotin and go back and forth whether to bite the bullet and get one or hold off for a while. I, too, am wondering about size....MM or GM.

    I saw a very elegant woman walk into the H store in my neck of the woods with a GM slung over her shoulder and a more chic woman you'll have a hard time finding. It was lovely. She DID say though that all her stuff rattled around inside her bag (GM size) and she always had to rummage around looking for things. But I figure a Purseket would solve that problem.......
  13. I would so deal with the rattle and roll to have a GM!lol!!x
  14. S'Mom, I don't feel the picotin style would be structured enough for you. The purseket would fill it out, tho and help it keep it's but the handles are floppy.

    The MM is plenty large.....I sold mine because it was too large for me. The GM is even larger.....all that said, the Picotin is very popular and one pretty little Hermes.