Does the PCE purchase have to be "in stock"


Oct 5, 2007
I got my first PCE card. I guess I got one because I bought a Bleeker sig flap and a Bleeker wallet within 2 months (my first Coach purchases)...anyway I want a Hampton Sig medium carryall-but I want it in the red/coral leather. If I go in to my Coach store and they only happen to have that bag in say the black or brown leather-will they order me the red and I still get the PCE discount ? Or does the PCE have to be something they have in stock in that particular store ?
I really have no business buying another bag-but with $107 off its hard to resist ! I almost wish they hadn't sent me the


Sep 14, 2006
Yes if they still have it at JAX, they will order it for you and have it sent to your home with no shipping charge.

I had wanted a new Signature tote in Vermillon last Christmas but they only had the display piece left. I grabbed it from the shelf just as another customer was reaching out for it. That was close.