Does the Part-time have a soft bottom?

  1. I was surprised to read in a twiggy thread that the twiggy has something stiff along the bottom to keep the shape and now I am wondering about the part-time. Is the bottom of it stiff like the twiggy or completely unstructured like a city?

  2. completely unstructured EXACTLY like the city!!
  3. Definitely unstructured. Gives it a perfect slouch.
  4. Thanks for confirming.
  5. ^^ i :heart: the title of this thread!!!:roflmfao:

    p.s. i like b-bags with saggy bottoms :p
  6. It does have a nice sag to it!
  7. LOL, I did hesitate for a moment and wondered if it was appropriate ... ;)
  8. Ah, I love this thread title too!

    But... IMO the PT has the same bottom as the Twiggy. Flat like there's a piece of cardboard in there. That's not to say it doesn't break in but my two PTs (one GH and one RH) definitely have Twiggy bottom.
  9. Hm, OK. My city def doesn't have cardboard in it. So in your opinion, do the PT and the twiggy differ from the city?