Does the Paraty fit a Mac?

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  1. Hello Paraty owners! I am adoring this bag and would like to know if it fits a 13 inch Mac? I normally have to lug around a computer for work. I think the dimensions look like it just *might* fit a Mac and am not sure about the the shape. Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm 90% sure it won't. It does fit an iPad. I'm traveling but can tell you for sure tomorrow unless someone else answers. Since it's snug for the iPad I'm thinking even the 13 inch won't fit. Marcie could handle it I believe but just be careful not to let weight sag your bag. That's what's good about the iPad.
  3. A large definetly would. not sure about other sizes
  4. lizzie, I didn't think about that, the Large Paraty could hold it I bet...
  5. ohhh thanks!! perhaps the large is the way to go. thinking of it as a present to self at the end of the month. will let you know if it does! :smile:
  6. Got the large size. PS it does fit a Mac basically perfectly :smile:
  7. Congrats! What color did you end up with? Post a pic if you can.
  8. That's great, ITA you should post a pic, that would be a great reference here. So it was the 13"?
  9. Yay, congrats