Does the nurse have to stay in the room with you?

  1. ...for a pelvic exam, I mean.

    And does it make a difference if gyno doc is a female?

    Are they supposed to be in the room the whole time, or just for the pelvic exam? I've had nurses stay the whole time, and I've had them come in after the breast exam, but before the pelvic exam....

    And the general practitioner also offers pelvic exams.... does it make a difference if I see my gen practitioner or would it be best to go to an ob-gyn?

    TIA for your replies! :ty:

  2. It might be a legal thing with a male doc or maybe it just depends on the doc. I went to a male dermatologist and when I went to show him a rash that was on my groin area he freaked and went to get a nurse to come in the room. But my OB, who is female, just recently did my entire exam with nobody in the room but her.
  3. Male OB/GYNs should definitely keep the nurse in the room with them to avoid potential sexual harrassment lawsuits. It's unfortunate that this happens, but it does. My former OB/GYN got slapped with a lawsuit when he examined a patient without his nurse present.

    I work in a hospital and I have been asked many times to "chaperone" a male doctor examining a female patient. In our litigious society one can't be too careful.
  4. My male OBGYN doesn't keep a nurse in the room.

    And it's never bothered me. He's trustworthy and knows how to do his job. NO worries.

    Honestly I like it better NOT having a nurse. It's jut one more person in the room to feel weird.
  5. That seems foolhardy to me. All it takes is one female patient to claim he touched her inappropriately and his career will be ruined. And we all know there are women out there who will lie, lie, lie.
  6. ^^^I don't know:shrugs:.

    But he took over the practice when my origninal doc retired. I've been going to this office since I was 13 and I'm 24 now and they've never had a nurse in the room.

    When I was younger my mom went in with me, not because of safety, but because we were both there to ask questions about my health, etc.

    But since my mom stopped going with me several years back, no nurse has taken her place.

    But like I said, he's trustworthy and I've never felt uncomfortable, but I agree there are a lot of shady women out there and it would only take one to ruin everything for him.
  7. I personally prefer a woman, and I would always prefer an ob/gyn as opposed to a GP. Otherwise it's almost like going to a podiatrist if your hand hurts, KWIM? I mean obviously doctors have training in all areas but I'd rather go to a specialist than someone who is trained in general medicine.

    Whenever I go, it's usually only the doctor in the room, but maybe they think they don't need another person because they're a woman instead of a man (who could get falsely accused of inappropriate behavior).
  8. I have a female gyn and she doesn't have a nurse in with her...however, my last gyn (female, as I prefer them), did have one. So I guess it's a matter of who.
  9. I would imagine it depends on whether or not you're comfortable with them in the room.
  10. Usually, it's with a male doctor that the nurse stays. From my experience, I have had a nurse in the room when I was being examined.

    It not only protects the patient from possible sexual misconduct on the doctor, but it also protects the doctor from untrue allegations of sexual misconduct from mentally unstable patients.
  11. for a pap smear last year i had a male doctor and he had a nurse in the room the whole really made me feel better.
    i was 19 at the time, so i guess thats why i felt i needed a female in there.
  12. When I used to go to the health dept to get my bi-yearly pap exam for my Depo, the doctor was male.

    Having a man doesn't really bother me, but the nurse explained to me that she would have to stay in the room because it was a guy and she was legally required to. That didn't really bother me either.

    However, what did bother me one time was when I went in for my exam, I had the male doctor, and the same nurse as always...but then it was "teaching" day at the health dept and some local students were there to "learn."

    And because there was a male student, there was an ADDITIONAL female nurse in there as well. It was like a little village.

  13. You should have just said no. You have rights as a patient. I would have been uncomfrortable with that as well. Sometimes I have to do preceptorships for my job so I am in patient rooms during colonoscopies and gyno exams and I feel bad being there when I am serving absolutely no purpose except to learn. However, I use to help in my father's family practice and I had no problem being there because I was serving a purpose and helping the patients.
  14. I was seeing a GP for my GYN needs and really felt like they couldn't address my concerns like I wanted. I kinda wanted to see someone who looks at vaginas all day, know what I mean?
  15. Every practice is different.

    When I went to a male obgyn, he had his own private practice and there was no nurse there for exams.

    Now I go to a public practice, the male does have a nurse in there....if it's a woman, there was no nurse.