Does The Noce Venetas Darken Up With Wear???

  1. Hi, I am considering buying one of these bags for the spring, but I am curious about the wear to the handles and zipper area. do they show darkening from the oils of your hands? I have a noce tote from fall'06 with the embroidery, but I don't think that it is made from napa as it is very firm and not floppy like the napa bags? Anyone have any advice for me? I also have a white MADISON tote from several years back that I baby to death..Am I going to be a slave to this bag too?:confused1:
  2. I have a noce Montaigne not a Veneta but I would think the experience would be the same... I've had it for three months now and have used it quite regularly as a hand-held bag during that time - so even though I baby it there is no avoiding the direct hand/handle contact. Although if I look closely I can see a bit of darkening of the handles, it really isn't anything very noticeable from any distance, and it really doesn't look dirty or anything - just that it has been used a bit... it just gives the bag a bit of a patina.

    I can't speak to any of the lighter colours - I do have a bianco Montaigne but it hasn't seen the light of day yet...
  3. Hi Prestwick

    I have a nocce veneta. It does darken up a little bit but I have had the bag for approximately 2 years and the leather is darker under the handle and around the zipper. It is not a big deal though as it is barely noticeable. It is such a great bag that it just moulds to you and like LV looks better with age.
  4. THANK YOU VKD... Now the dilemma is large or maxi veneta ( oh yes , the noce comes in maxi size now), but I have the nero maxi studded veneta..maybe the large will do and the price will be a little bit easier to bear.. I still have that embroidered tote, but the look is totally different
  5. Hi

    Go for the large size. It's a great everyday bag and unless you are toting seriously large items then should be perfect!!