Does the Neverfull pouch fit in a Speedy B?

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  1. If so, what is the largest size pouch that would fit? A GM?
    Can someone take a pic for me please who has both? I just got a Speedy B 25 (love it) and need a pouch for checkbook, pen, and folded up papers and receipts. I think the Neverfull pouch is just what I need but want to make sure it fits before I hunt down a preloved one.

  2. for speedy 30, it should fit, for 25, I really doubt.
    also, for your need, I would suggest a mini pochette, its smaller, would be easier to fit in speedy25, as it has some thickness, so fit a lot too. also I think it can be cheaper to buy.
    I personally don't like to use neverfull pochette, its big n flat, you put anything more than 2/3 cards in, the zipper would twist.
  3. Hi, it won't fit in a speedy b 25. I have the MM (same size as GM)
    Sorry for the pic with the dust bag, I pulled her out of storage for this pic.

    Maybe try pm size NF pouchette. It's smaller.
  4. I've used my neverfull pouch inside my speedy B25 before. It fits but it's challenging to pull it out. Works best if the speedy 25 is (mostly) empty

  5. +1
    I used it on a holiday trip in my Speedy B 25. It fits, but it's challenging.

  6. I stand corrected! when I tried it for my pics, I didn't want to bend it to force it in there and then force it out, so I didn't think it was a good fit. I can imagine how challenging it must be to get it in and out.
  7. I know most people are not very fond of the neverfull pouch but I love mine! I bought My neverfull gm for the purpose of using during My travels and as a baby bag. The pouch is extremely handy. It holds passports, boarding passes and identity cards and I never fumble in My bag to get them ready. It can also hold a hefty amount of cash when necessary and the fact that it can be attached to the bag itself gives Me a sense of security- nobody is grabbing it from My open tote!
    I believe you will love this pouch for carrying a checkbook, receipts and whatnot. Don't be afraid, it can easily house a pen and not get distorted. I carried lipstick in it before. I only have a speedy b 35. Your bag's size could be a problem but other than that I highly recommend the pouch.
  8. Thank you everyone!! I may do it anyway as like you said... It's so useful. If I have to make an errand that needs checkbook, envelopes to mail I can just put it in there. I am also looking into the Pochette NM. As someone said, I do have a mini Pochette but it doesn't fit a checkbook or an envelope.

    Thank you again! ❤️
  9. All that fits in my MM pouch, plus my iPhone 6! I love this piece ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465213555.551439.jpg