does the navy exchange sell real coach bag

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  1. i was at the navy exchange and i saw some nice bags does anyone in this group shop at the navy exchange are the bags real
  2. They're real. Bx's & Px's don't sell fakes. Unless someone bought one & put the tags on a fake and returned it. I imagine that a fake one would stand out like a sore thumb amoung the real ones tho.

    What styles does your Px have?
  3. They are not fake...but the exchanges have to deal with people trying to return fakes too. Coach representative give training for sales associates on how to spot fakes, but some can slip by, so do check. Overall you are VERY safe buying in the BX/PX....and the stores stand behind the merchandise and will refund money no questions asked if there is a problem
  4. I agree with the other ladies about someone returning a fake coach bag to the Navy exchange. Although I have never spotted a fake coach at the exchange you really need to look over a bag before purchasing it. I buy a lot of Coach from the Navy exchange and the Army exchange. It is generally 20% off what you would pay in stores and you don't have to pay sales tax. Military exchanges are part of the military's morale,welfare and recreation program.
  5. yesterday i was at the navy exchange here, & there was even a guy working behind one of the counters w/the bags inside them, he cheerfully called to me "Welcome to Coach!" and offered to help me if i needed anything.

    first time i saw someone working in that area before. i never figured it to be a separate part of the store w/someone from Coach working it. they should have all the coach things together then, like the watches & the shoes. that would make for an even more fabulous Coach spot in the store.
  6. Absolutely authentic. My exchange also sells Dooney & Bourke. I've also seen additional designer brands at other exchanges. I personally find the NEX prices to be better than the BX/PX and the MCX prices are the best - they actually have great sales on top of the normal 20% off the regular Coach price. I have a girlfriend who lives in DC and she has access to all of the exchanges and she tells me about some of the deals she finds at the MCX - unbelievable!!
  7. Do you have to be part of the military to purchace at the exchange? If you are hired as a consultant for a job for the army are you able to purchase something at the exchange?
  8. You need to have a military issued ID card. They check for this either when you first enter the exchange or when you go through the checkout to pay.
  9. I get all of my Coach there. I won't buy it from the store, haha.

    I love it. Like someone said earlier, it's usually 20% off, plus no sales tax. The no sales tax helps a lot - you save so much money.

    Mine has Dooney and Bourke, Vera Bradley, Coach, and Burberry. I've also seen Liz Claiborne and Ralph Lauren if that means anything to you.

    Clothing wise, they have Burberry coats and scarves, and Lacoste and Izod polos.
  10. Yes, real. The one in Hawaii has a full blown Coach section. Every Xmas they go on sale for 20% more off for like 3 hours in the early morning. Such a fab deal and no tax either!
  11. Actually if you are working for the Department of Defense they might give you a letter authorizing you to can ask..
  12. ^^ nope, you are still a civilian. You have to have that issued military ID.
  13. I finally got my privelige and ID card last week, so I am looking forward to my px visit. (Husband is medically retired army) Does anyone know if the Coach is also sold through the AFFES book and/or site?
  14. oops, sorry, meant aafes LOL
  15. OOOH just answered my own question! I just logged in to aafes and they have a few bags and a bunch of watches listed there!