Does the Multicolore rub off?

  1. I am think of buying a multicolore purse and was wondering if the colours rub off in the corners as the SA told me it is done with a different process to the normal one and is printed on. Also, I want a long one and the only one seems to be the porte tresor which is a bit bulky for me with the flap think inside, do they not do this in the pochette or do they just not have it on the website? Please post your pics of this purse!:yes:
  2. Not with normal use.

    I have a few rubbing on my mc keepall, but this thing is well, well used, 3 years old and is our 'go' bag. In the summer it is packed with sunscreen, water, snacks, swimsuits and towel. The pockets hold all our 'season passes' as well as cash, so when decide we want to 'go' we can pick it up and go. It has been to amusement packs, water parks, the beach, it stands to reason there are a few rubbing....but for the abuse it has taken, I am amazed how well it looks!
  3. thank you!
  4. I always take care and carry 2-3 times a week but still get rubbish :sad:
  5. Mine did :sad:
  6. haven't encountered this prob yet.... but I did get some colour transfer on the white canvas part cuz I was wearing my new jeans.......*doh* lol
  7. I also had it happen with my Cerise cherries :sad:
    I guess becuase there hand painted?
  8. yes! i had my mc white wapity and the color started to rub off..right now, its in Californa getting tested to see if its defected...
  9. My pieces are ok so far..the only little thing is with the purple symbols and LVs on my Alma. The ones near the zipper are the tiniest bit chipped but all the other ones are fine.
  10. Yes, it does rub off over time and use. Unless you are very very very careful and only use it say... once a month. Its definitely not as hardy as the regular monogram.
  11. I'm pretty careful with stuff but still there are a few bits of colour wearing of my MC wapity which is pretty annoying considering how much LV charges for stuff.:cursing: So if you plan on using it fair bit then I would expect some colour rub off yes.
  12. I purchased a pre-loved black multicolore speedy on eBay, and I'm sorry to say that the colors have definitely rubbed off, especially at the top where you open and close the zipper. But ... I don't know how much it was used before I got it.

    But, my mono french purse, which is 10 years old, is also starting to show some wear too.
  13. I have a MC Rift, and only the two corners - only two small symbols show some wear, and has rubbed off, like it was 'chipped' - and rubbed off. But everywhere else, its fine. I don't even notice when I wear the purse, but when I really examine the purse, thats when I see the wear. I still love using my purse though. I got it in August 06, and use it a lot. So I'm happy its the only two parts.