does the money wallet fit into the First bbay?

  1. I haven't bought the money wallet, but can those who have it tell me if it will fit nicely into the First or will it take too much space and make the bag look bulky?

    Much appreciated!
  2. I'm sure it will fit nicely I have the mini-compagnon, which is not as long, but taller. And it fits my first's perfectly. I'm loving the money, but my retailer did not have any left, when I came in...
  3. First bbay* can't believe I misspelled that
  4. I have a money wallet and it is slim enough to fit nicely into my first - a perfect combination IMO. I also usually have my sunglasses case, keys, cell phone, and several receipts and the first still doesn't have much bulk.
  5. ^I agree. My First usually carries (large) sunglasses, a Money wallet, my coin purse and its accoutrements, iPod and digital camera, and it never looks stuffed.
  6. Faircherie it fits in my First beautifully.. not bulky at all. I can fit the Money, sunnies w/case, Blackberry, camera, keys.
  7. Wow, all that? Really? I believe that those things all fit but I thought it would make it look bloated.....good to know, I can't wait for my first First now!! (color TBD)
  8. surprisingly you can fit a lot in a First. and the money wallet will fit nicely.
  9. Thank you ladies! Very happy to hear that.