Does The Miu Miu White Coffer Come With Silver Or Gold Hardware??

  1. Hi All, I really want to get a coffer. I am confused white comes with silver hardware to? or just gold? Which style and color/hardware combo is your fav? Advise Please = )



  2. You know jagg, I could be wrong but the only Coffer with silver hardware that I have seen is the white Patent leather coffer. I have only seen the white Napa leather coffer with golden hardware. Personally, I'm not a big fan of Patent leather or the silver hardware. But that's just me.........;)
  3. I really want to get a new bag. I have been wearing my Kooba Natasha all summer. I really like some of cc skye's new fall collection. I was thinking about a coffer, any suggestions any brand except lv everyone has lv lv lv, never a fan. Please let me know your thoughts?


  4. After I bought my first Coffer in black, I was hooked. I love my black Coffer as an everyday bag so much that I also went and bought 3 others!! I've tried to find another bag, but just keep coming back to the Coffers..........(but I'm a bit obsessive as well :wacko:). Right now I'm thinking seriously about the Gauffres by Prada as well.