does the mirrior material scuff

  1. does it scuff and get all scratchy eventually if you are not super is so shiny like a mirror it makes me think it may get marks on it eventually if one is not super cautious...if you use it everyday ect...if you use it more as an evening bag and store it may be less of an issue...mirror owners please let us know and keep us posted on how the material wears...thanks;)
  2. Nope, it looks and feels very scratch resistant and durable :yes:

    Someone tried scratching it at the store and noticed they couldn't. I haven't tried but it looks REALLY tough
  3. I tried to scratch mine the back of the clochet....but it didn't scratch. It does seem very durable. I am sure if you slide it around on hard surfaces it would eventually scratch, but for day to day, I think it will be fine, no more fragile that vernis.
  4. Now I'm dying to get my hands on one just to feel/touch it.
  5. my sa mentioned that you have to be extra careful with the mirror collection and not use it for everyday...glad to hear that it is just has durable as the vernis collection...vernis is fairly durable....
  6. I'll have to read through the book but it appears equally as durable as the Vernis line :yes:

  7. ITA!!:yes:
  8. Correct me if i am wrong but i think it is like the Vernis bags. So it should'nt scratch.
  9. Well verins is patent leather, I dunno if PVC is patent leather as well, but I DO know that the miroir bags ARE PVC, so I'd seem to think that as a type of plastic they are quite durable! I hope I get mine!!!!!