Does the Mini Agenda Come With the Insert?

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  1. I don't know anything about the mini agendas. Elux has the "address book" listed as a separate purchase, but no mention of the calendar/note pages etc. Does the normal insert come with the agenda or is the "address book" the only paper insert that is supposed to go in the mini? Does my question even make sense? lol
  2. I think I understand and it's separate they probably just don't have those in stock!
  3. I had the same question. I was told by the live chat guy to elux that the stores are a good place to buy your first agenda. That way you can look at all ur pages && see which ones you want. Maybe you can even get them to give u 2007 since it's soo close.
  4. No, all inserts are seperate
  5. the only item that comes with the insert is the multicolore carnet de bal. everything else is sold seperately.
  6. You need to buy them.
  7. I bought mine separately.
  8. Um..I don't think so. You have to buy it seperately.