Does the metallic finish on the anthracite...

  1. rub off? I know some folks have seen this with the metallic chanels.
  2. OH YEAH!! I had to return mine to BG because the metallic finish was peeling off. I'm still not over it.
  3. I had to return my anthracite Paddy after having it for 2 days. The metallic part was peeling and there was some cracks along the handles.
  4. It almost seems a shame that something so expensive seems to 'wear' so quickly - although, i guess, if you like the vintage, worn in look, then it could be cool.
    However, if it were a bag that i'd bought, i'd expect more perfection for the money.:yes:
  5. Mine is perfectly fine .......... got it for Christmas and have used it regularly!
  6. I used mine twice (very lightly), and the finish was rubbing off. I returned it and exchanged it for a zippy in chocolat that I love!
  7. i bought mine around december last year and it hasn't flaked at all. still looks great. haven't had problems with color rubbing off either.
  8. I agree...with the non-metallic colors I think vintage looks awesome. With the metallics though, they are suppose to look more rocker fading and peeling should not happen, but it does. :Push: