Does the metal of chanel custome jewlery get tarnished/change color over time?

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  1. for those of you who have chanel custome necklaces, does the metal ever get tarnished, or change colors over time? If so, can chanel do anything about it? Like, say the CC on my new necklace (see pics), if the metal portion ever gets tarnished can they replace it or something??

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  2. Haven't noticed any of my pieces tarnishing or changing colors.
  3. No... although I wonder if they might if I were to wear them against my skin on a very humid, hot day and sweat a lot. That might do it... but otherwise, they seem to hold up very well.
  4. I have a vintage belt, and the color hasn't changed!
  5. all of my pieces have kept their original color and I wear them many times in a week.
  6. Nothing of mine has changed color.
  7. Mine hasn't changed either, but I love the necklace you posted. I want the earrings from that set.
  8. If you are referring to the Chanel costume jewelry, I was told that they use surgical steel so it won't tarnish. Of course the more expensive pieces are either sterling silver which will tarnish.
  9. I don't know if this helps, but I've sent one of my older chain belts to be refurbished. The gold chain and medallion looked dull to me, not the bright gold it once was. I brought it in to chanel in SF,CA (they shipped it to NY) I think I paid under $150, including shipping. It came back beautiful, shiny, gold...perfect. Still looks good.
  10. I have some vintage pieces from the 80's and haven't noticed any tarnishing. As Catt mentioned though, you should if anything does degrade you should be able to take it to a Chanel boutique to have it sent for a "Spring clean".
  11. None of my Chanel costume jewelry have tarnished. On the other hand, I was crazy about Dior costume jewelry when I was younger, and practically all of those pieces have tarnished. Chanel is good quality fake jewelry hehe.
  12. my Chanel thick silvertone cuff hasnt tarnished at all, but my classic Chanel charm bracelet from the mid-90s (bought from an ebay dealer in paris) that has the gold chain with black leather threaded through it and the classic Chanel symbols as charms, shows some tarnishing on a couple of the charms 'cause they're goldtone. But this doesnt bother me, somehow it adds to the charm of the bracelet (pun intended) lol

    Chanel costume jewelry getting a tad tarnished (over time, not right away)is somewhat equal to a Manolo Blahnik shoe getting a lil scrape on the leather....look how gorgeous the object that obtained the imperfection is, in the first place! :love:
    (may be an optimist, but not a pollyanna lol)
  13. None of my jewelry has tarnished. Knock on wood.