Does the Medor come in black?

  1. It does, KOP had one not so long ago....
  2. eeeeiiiiieeeee! yes! Oh awesome. I need to track one down asap.
  3. It is SO HOT in black!! If you like color, it comes in fuschsia too, I believe (or was that cyclamen??). One of our lovely tPF members has the one I am thinking of, maybe she can chime in with the color name--hers has palladium hardware.
  4. A while back, saw it in N.Y.C. you can probably order it!
  5. H sells Medor straps in multiple leather/color combos in both gold or silver hardware, depending on which watch you have. I bet they would even do SO if you needed to match a particular bag. I saw some in lizard in very popping colors.

    Also, you can check the website. I know they have it in a gold/camel strap and they used to have the black available online too.
  6. I have one in black! I love it. I also remember seeing one in black in Neiman Marcus awhile back (Chevy Chase, Md) but maybe its gone by now.
  7. Black absolutely. Would just love to see one in raisin, but never have.
  8. Oh just adding that mine is black with palladium hardware, but I seem to remember a picture of Reese Witherspoon wearing a black Medor watch with gold hardware? The watch has such a different look depending on the band's color. (I'm dying for a black croc band, in case Santa is watching).
  9. Yeah fuschsia w/ palladium would look -amazing-.