Does the MC chip or fade anymore??

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  1. I had ordered a wallet and the wapity in the white MC but will use it everyday and want something for a long this a good idea since I have heard it chips and fades?? TIA
  2. i have had some color rubbing on some of my MC purses where it rubs when I carry it, but not on any of my MC accessories. I have heard though that sometimes the color has chipped of the wapity...
  3. The monogram chipping or rubbing off is normal with the MC line.
  4. You might not have the same problems every bag is different.

    I bought an MC tote bag, but I couldn't justify the price and returned it. Since I had it for that day and being my first MC, went it over it with it with a fine tooth comb. As beautiful as the bag was I was afraid of the the coating of the colors and can see it will eventually in time, wear, or carelessness it was bound to chip or peel. JMO
  5. Yeah, for the price I was concerned that this could be a known issue with the MC line. If it's known to chip or peel I'll stick with mono rather than MC. I'm sure many have had no problems, however. I love my black MC pochette but I'm super careful with it and I don't take it out too often, and it doesn't stay in my other bags where it would get a lot of tear going in and out of a larger bag.
  6. So, anyone know could it being repair at LV store or not? I've MC white speedy and get color rubbing :sad: