Does the MAM feel smaller than the matinee?

  1. Im leaning towards returning the matinee....I think it maybe ok in a squishier leather, but the eggplant just feels like too large a bag for me. Im used to having large hobos, but not a large satchel type. Do you think the MAM will be ok or should I cancel my preorder?
  2. The MAM feels much smaller than the matinee to me. That is why I did not keep my mini (I am a big bag kind of girl).
  3. Yes the MAM is smaller than the matinee. Where'd you get the eggplant? It is really stunning! Is the leather stiffish? My midnight is very soft and pliant, so it doesn't feel all that big.
  4. I got it from FunkyLaLa. The leather isn't terribly stiff but its not all smooshy either lol. I think it would be perfect for me if it was a little smaller. I'm pretty small and not used to carrying structured bags. I just hate to lose this color! Maybe I'll look for a MAM in eggplant lol
  5. I had a MAB in eggplant and it was just too big for me. The leather on that bag was not smooshy at all. Seemed kind of briefcasey on me. I'm not that small, but I guess I'm just not used to carrying a large bag. The color is really eye catching, tho.
  6. Good to just may not be the right leather in the right style for me. I usually end up carrying my toddler at some point and I think the matinee would get in the way. Argh, and I wanted this color so bad too! Should I just return it or should I list it on eBay?

    I preordered the tangerine mam and I hope that is a softer, more pliable leather.
  7. If you can, I would advise returning it back to the store as with high seller fees/charges you might end up losing quite a fair bit for the bag. Just my two cents. :flowers:
  8. thanks...I havent sold on eBay in a while so Im not sure of the current fees etc
  9. Sukey I can tell you that the MAM and Matinee although different are both very roomy. The MAM is just different in shape....but very roomy nonetheless.

    The Matinee is longer and thus larger. I LOVE the Matinee....but get one in a smooshy leather that collapses against your, I don't know.....midnight/pewter??? ;)

    And I know the Eggplant color is TDF....but think of all the colors RM will have in the Fall. Besides....if it's THAT popular....maybe she'll continue to offer it.
  10. Thanks Contessa....Im sending back the eggplant matinee...I will try one in a smooshier leather. Is the midnight/pewter a good one? I love how that one looks! What other colors are softer leather?
  11. The midnight leather is amazing! I know I've said it before, but I've never come across anything like it. The one on ebay now is just about the same price as mine was in the sample sale. Plus it's from one of our own, it'd be like keeping it in the family!
  12. ahhh! that's tempting! thanks :smile:
  13. The matinee is harder to get into then the MAM but it is bigger. I also love my black/pewter. It's starting to soften up now. When I first got it, it was stiff. Perhaps most of the bags that are stiff soften? All my bags have started to soften. My dark gray which I thought never would, softened just by me leaving it out of the dust bag, even though I didn't use it too much.
  14. ^OOOH, you mean the dark gray MAM softened up? I think mine is stiff as heck and would love for it soften up!
  15. Just kick it around a bit :boxing: