Does the mail still "move" on sundays?

  1. I know they dont drop off on sundays.. but does the mail still get shipped around to the state it needs to go to on sundays... or does EVERYTHING just stop?? I hope Im making sense:push:.. haha Thanks ladies!:yes:
  2. sorry... hope this is the right forum.:shrugs:.. it does have to do with eBay :smile: waiting for my shoes :smile: Thanks again. and sorry if you have to move it!:p
  3. we have a sunday pick up at the sorting offices here in the uk, i'm sure it does move , but don't quote me !
  4. It would make sense to me that the U.S. mail moves on Sunday. I see US.Mail semis on the road all the time on Sundays. They have to be carring something in those trucks :smile: And I am pretty sure mail workers work on Sundays. I had a package traced once and when they located it, it had been logged in as "received" at a location on a Sunday. So my guess is, YES.
  5. Yes it never stops. Sunday is only a rest day for delivery service, but the mail continues toward it's destination.
  6. That's good to know, and yes I have wondered the same thing!
    No your question was not confusing, to me anyway :heart:
  7. Thanks everybody! Lol Ive wanted to know that for a long time... just never thought to ask! Thanks again! jen:yahoo:
  8. Entire family works for USPS except mom and my traitor aunt that works for UPS.
    Mail for both companies moves on a Sunday, just no deliveries.

    Mail also moves on a holiday, it just isn't delivered and the counters aren't open.