Does the Mahina XL "break" in over time?


eat me
Nov 8, 2006
I bought a black mahina from elux recently and was completely in love with it. However, the leather was totally uneven - very pebbled on the left side, very smooth on the right. I waited for elux to stock more; a few days ago they shipped me one. It arrived today and it's brand new, blue stickers and all, and absolutely perfect. just doesn't slouch as much as the other; in fact, it actually looks pretty structured and the bottom is very stiff, which kind of makes it look like a different bag than the other one.

My SO is trying to convince me that it's because the other one is not new (probably a return) and thus "broken in" and the new one is so structured and stiff because it's so new, and over time should get slouchier. Have you guys found that to be the case? :confused1: I need to make a decision on which one to keep and I'd love to hear your experiences :yes:


$ Doesn't Buy Class
Sep 23, 2007
all leather will become more "pliable" and squishy over time. the mahina leather, imo, is already pretty slouchy. i would keep the second one. from my experience, leather that is sturdier to begin with usually lasts longer