Does the "MAC" or "Rendevous" (sp?) clutches come in Exotic Skins???

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  1. #1 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
    Hi Hi!

    I just happened to come across a couple of RM clutches the last few days (I'm a Chanel/Prada girl so this is a foreign country to me..). I am just wondering if these come in exotic skin or is it just embossed?? and Where would I start to hunt these babies down? (hopefully on sale! knowing the massive sales going on)

  2. Welcome, MissV! RM's "exotic" bags are embossed leathers. I am not aware of any that are actual exotics. That being said, there are croc and lizard bags for MAC, but I'm not sure that there are any "exotic" Rendezvous. I have the purple patent, though, and love it!
  3. ^ I SAW THE PURPLE PATENT!!! I want one sooooooooooooo badddd!!

    So the MAC's do come in Exotics...!! Would you know where I can start looking to hunt it down?
  4. Theres also a embossed ostrich coming out for spring. Your best bet for exotic MACs from past lines would be ebay, ecrater or bonanzle. Purple lizard is one of my faves for MAC, GL on yourt search!
  5. ..ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is going to a long tedious search LOL!
  6. ^ Don't worry! They tend to pop up more or less frequently. Just remember to hold out for one you REALLY want and not settle for a second choice because chances are, it WILL eventually show up somewhere.
  7. I have the Purple Lizard and it is AWESOME!!! Good luck in your search!
  8. would I just search on ebay "MAC"? or are they called something as well?
  9. Search "Rebecca Minkoff Clutch" and see what comes up. The actual name of the MAC is the Morning After Clutch, but since you're interested in two different style clutches, I'd just use that search term.
  10. I would just search Rebecca Minkoff. There are usually less than 200 listings, and just a few for clutches. The only exotic "embossed" i recall from previous seasons are purple lizard MAC, brown croc MAC, there is a black croc SIMONE clutch, and a magenta croc MAC which is really rare. None in the rendezvous though
  11. bahhhhhhh nothing....I hate waiting lol and i also hate ebay!