Does the LV Montsouris GM backpack look good on men?

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  1. Well, a couple of days ago I saw an auction on eBay of a Montsouris GM, I checked the measurements and it seemed big enough, so I won the auction. I wanted to buy the Christopher PM in macassar but it’s too expensive, so I decided to buy this backpack instead.

    Currently I’m just waiting to receive my order, it was shipped a few hours ago, from Japan to Mexico. And now I’m just wondering. Is it very feminine? Does it look good on men? I’m a stocky 6’1 man, so that’s the reason why I’m concerned. I’ll post some photos of the backpack when it arrives. Thank you!
  2. Congrats!! Don't worry, it will look great on you! Its a really good size too. I dont have one but have seen them in person on both men and women. There was a couple of youtube videos of guys with the GM. Check there for reference.
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  3. In the worse case scenario, sell the bag if it doesn’t fit you right and buy what you really want, the stunning Cpm!!! You might have to save a few more months but it’s worth it!
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  4. Sure, I think it's good on anyone.

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  5. I’ve seen men with it. In fact, I had my bf hold mine for me the other day and he wanted to keep it lol
  6. It's a nice size and should look good.
    Very old school, almost retro. I think you'll like it.
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  7. Out of curiosity, why is that bag called a PM? It is already gigantic. What would a Christopher GM look like? :biggrin:
    I know that it is off-topic, but had to ask, and had to ask the Christopher-evangelist.
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  8. I've seen a lot of men wear this, and it never looked feminine to me (esp if you leave the opening a little more relaxed so the shape is more boxy).
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  9. I’m a stocky guy and I own this bag. I got it years ago before they were discontinued. It has a great look (almost retro like another poster said) and is a classic LV piece much different from some of the crazy trendy stuff coming out lately.

    It looks especially good when casually slung over one shoulder. Being a bigger guy can cause it to sit up rather high when worn in the traditional way with both straps. However it’s still a great piece that gets many compliments.

    On a side note, Kanye West used to wear one regularly back before he got involved with the crazy K family. (i.e. when he first came out and was cool haha).
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  10. I bet when it was originally available it was listed as a men's bag. Because before the Palm Springs it seems like that's where all the backpacks were listed. I have the montsouris and the bosphore and I definitely think they are gender neutral.
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  11. The Christopher that originally walked the runway was bigger than the one we see in stores today. It also had more hardware.
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  12. Bosphore was definitely marketed as gender neutral upon release.
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  13. I think it's very gender neutral, specially if the vachetta has aged. Very elegant looking imo.
    I'm also looking to buy the same model for university! but I can't decide between Montsouris GM or Bosphore...
    Let us know what you think about the backpack when you get it!
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  14. I have both. If you want a bag to actually carry books, get the Montsouris GM, it's not even a contest! It holds more and the construction is more sturdy for books.

    The Bosphore is more of a fashion bag, it's not meant to hold heavy items because the straps are sewn into the back of the canvas. I've seen many that have ripped at the back from over use.
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  15. My Montsouris GM arrived today. I’ll post later some photos of me using it, just in case anyone is considering buying it.

    It’s beautiful, but quite small.
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