Does the Lux Line Live Up to its Name??

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  1. I'd love to hear opinions-Owners, have you found your Lux bags to be true luxury, let's say in terms of materials used, craftsmanship, and durability? Are they on par with your other Chanels, better??how about other brands??Thanks guys!!
  2. Mine totally lives up to it's name.
    It's lined in leather and is very substantial. The chain is perfect, very comfortable and the leather looks the same today as it did when I bought it.
    It's definitely the nicest bag I own, that's out of 2 Chanel's a Burberry and an LV BH.
    I compare every bag to it and haven't found one better quality yet.
  3. I want one soo bad but i gotta wait a year to buy that one. They are so stunning in person. No picture can show their beauty.
  4. Both my black luxe bowler and flap definitely meet luxury standards. The bowler is deerskin and has a luxurious sheen to the leather. So far, both bags have been extremely durable, although some members have had problems with the bowler handles breaking.

    It seems as though Chanel is starting to cut corners with the quality of the luxury line. The current black bowler doesn't look as luxe, although I have heard the new bronze/khaki is gorgeous.
  5. I agree, it is an awesome line! I have two bags in the lux line, a metallic black flat shopper and the bronze deerskin tote. I have used the black bag endlessly and it doesn't show any wear at all. The deerskin has been a bit more delicate but is holding up really well.
  6. Definitely! I've had strangers come up to me in the street asking me about my bag whenever I carry my silver lux flap. It's luxurious even to people who know nothing about Chanel!
  7. Defo agree it lives up to its name ... whenever i carry my red bowler - the SA's in Hong Kong go crazy for it ... for some reason they didn't order the color for Hong Kong so I get a lot of stares on the bag because I think I am the only one in HK who has a red luxury bowler .... but it is a stunning bag - the craftsmanship just on the stiching of the chain into the leather I was told was a brand new technique ... and it is quite amazing considering the leather does not rip or crease or anything ...
  8. You all are absolutely right...the craftsmanship on this collection is impeccable, and it is so unique! nothing like it out there...everything from the metal sewn into the leather, the strap, to the leather's perfection! i think this collection is truly becoming a "must have" screams luxury..i haven't used mine yet, but i'm sure it will be the best handbag i'll ever own...well, except for the hermes birkin, if i ever get one lol! :smile:
  9. I love my black metallic bowler. It's held up nicely.
  10. My DH just got me a khaki bowler for Christmas (he put it away, I'll get it Dec 25th), I love the way this bag looks, but some people have seen the strap break...I'm scared now. Another option would be the flap, but I like the shape of the bowler so much more. At the same time, it would break my heart if the handles fell off...What do you girls think?
  11. All I'm hearing is how lovely that khaki bowler is so you're really getting a great gift! I wouldn't worry so much about the handles, in the off chance some mishap occurred it would be heartbreaking but presumably fixable.Be sure to post pics after Christmas!
  12. I will definitely post pics, I think the one he got is slightly different from the current ones out there - it has silver hardware and not copper. He was told it was the last one at Bloomingdales...probably a 2006 color?