Does the Ludlow wallet have room for paper $$??

  1. The photos and description on eluxury don't show any room. Just wondering.:confused1:
  2. If it's folded up, and only maybe a couple bills.
  3. You can put the cash and coins on one side and credit cards on the other side. It's very limited though and you can't see all your bills since you have to fold them.
  4. :shrugs: I just tried it again and it worked for me. But its in the LV Reference Library, first page.
  5. Yeah you have to fold up your money, t's a cute wallet and I have it in Bronze vernis but it's not very useful for me. I'd go for a billfold.
  6. i like it! I'm thinking of getting it actually. I don't like to carry cash on me only for lunch money..I'm a debit card girl!
  7. you can fold it! its my every day wallet, and it works fine!
  8. Yeah but not a lot. Better 4 cards and change.
  9. I'm torn between the Ludlow and the Cozy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm currently using my cles for everything - keys, cards, cash. I fold my cash. So if I gotta fold my cash when I use Ludlow, I'm totally fine with it. It's too cute!
  11. Yup Jill! Sometimes my cards ride too high up and the zipper gets stuck too!
  12. Ludlows are calling to you girls! ;)