Does the Louis Vuitton Inclusion Bracelets Scratch or Scuff n Question about sizing

  1. Hi everyone, Im in love with the louis vuitton inclusion bracelets (thinner model) and I was wondering if the resin material the bracelets are made out of scratches or scuffs. I looked on the louisvuitton website and saw that there was a size small and a medium, however eluxury doesnt give me the size option. I was wondering if there was a big difference in the two sizes. Thanks soo much ladies!

    Look at posting 362 and 363 on page 25 of the Inclusion Club in the LV forum for the small and medium size inclusion bracelets in the PM size (thin). elle has pics of the difference in size of the thin bracelets and also gives the measurements. I would have to say that the small is really small and meant for tiny wrists but I think it's harder to find. I've seen the really small inclusion bracelets made in the following colors: transparent, pomme (red). Not sure if I've seen it in the Amarante color. LV didn't make the small until the Transparent color came out....
  3. Mine still looks new and I have had it for years and have worn it a lot. The ring has taken a beating but it looks pretty good too. Its very durable.
  4. Yup, they're really sturdy! I dropped my yellow PM on the ground awhile back and there aren't any scratches at all. You do need to be careful around concrete and stucco though, those will scratch them.
    As for the sizes, you'd probably need to call 866Vuitton to have them get a smaller size for you, elux doesn't carry much of anything besides the standard medium size, the smaller ones are kind of hard to find.
  5. I have heard that if you wear two inclusions together they rub against each other and produce tiny scratches on the side. True?