Does the Louis Vuitton in France do charge sends to the United States?

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  1. Over the last couple of trips to Paris, I've been able to build a nice relationship with a particular SA at the LV flagship store; however, I never bothered to ask her if it was possible to do a charge send from the LV store in Paris and have the store ship me a bag.

    Has anyone done this before or know if it's even possible?
    All thoughts are appreciated. Thanks TPFers :smile:
  2. No. I have asked several SA's that very question. If you hear of an SA that will please message me lol!
  3. I was also told international selling was a no-no. They gave me the whole 'all products are made the same whether they are from USA, France, or Spain' shpiel when I asked. Let us know if you find out otherwise!
  4. Was wondering about that too.. What if the item ur looking for is only available in france.. Will they ship it to us?
  5. I think they do but the SA's process the order thru the country you live in. I had gotten a call today from my sis in Melbourne, Aust. She said she's sending me a mushroom bag????....I assume Portobello & my aunt was sending me a wallet as they forgot my birthday. The SA had assisted them in trying to find out if the items were available in the US as I live in TX. They wanted to mail it as gifts. They had to come back the next day for their cards to be swiped. They were told to expect a charge in USD$ on their cc statement & I was told to expect a package in a week or so. She was kinda tipsy so I didn't ask for specifics.