Does the looping hurt?

  1. I kinda want a looping, but the shoulder strap looks painful and awkward...does it really hurt?

    Sorry if there's already a thread on this....
  2. I have the MM and I think it's really comfortable and just the perfect size. I don't know about the other sizes though, the GM holds alot so it might get heavy :shrugs:
  3. ^Thanks for your imput. I always see great deals on the looping and vavin (even though those are bags I'm not aiming for at the moment)...but I've always wondered....
  4. YES! Mine is the MM and even if not fully loaded, it kills my shoulder---not right away, but over the course of the day. It is the only bag I regret.
    It is lovely, don't get me wrong, but not practical for me.
    Maybe I have extra boney shoulders or something...:shrugs:
  5. Yikes! Okay, I guess that's a bag I'll never own...I have boney's a cute bag, though!
  6. very cute and low maintenance, but you don't get the sense of the annoyance to the shoulder by going to the store and trying it on(felt comfy there) have to wear it awhile for the annoying pain to start. too bad.:sad:
    what else are you thinking of in place of this? maybe a PH? looks more comfortable with two leather straps instead of the single rolled one.
  7. Does that mean my shoulders are fat :confused1:

    J/K ;)
  8. mickloisme - Well, I am planning on getting a PH...or maybe if I'm willing to shell out a little extra then I'd get a cabas piano/mezzo instead. I'm saving up right now (so hard, but it'll be so worth it in the end).

    In the beginning I was debating between the BV and PH...but I realized that I never really liked any of the batignolles (even though everyone seems to be crazy about the bags). BV is a nice bag, but I know it won't be right for me...

    icechick - Haha, no! But I know I have stick thin arms, and I'm trying to add some poundage...
  9. bernz--great choices and i have the exact same mono bags on my list too! (well, also the manhattan pm, but that is different look altogether):yes:

    icechick---no, you silly! i think it's more likely i'm a weakling :shame:
  10. I have the GM and it's one of the best bags I have - it holds everything and I promise you the strap does not dig into your shoulder. :yes:
  11. the looping is a great design. the rolled handle is much nicer than a bonded strap anyday!!
  12. My first bag was a medium looping. It was okay, but I don't carry it anymore. Maybe I have bony shoulders too, but it never seemed to stay in place. I was only 14 when I carried it, so maybe since then it might be better. I always had to secure the bag against me with my arm. The hardware on mine was either defective or I did something to it (SA suggested it could be from hand lotion), but the zipper pull turned green. Oh well, it was my throwaround bag for a while so now it's pretty much junk.
  13. I have a mini looping and when I put too much stuff into it, it really hurts. :sad:
  14. My daughter has the mini looping. She never wears it because she says it kills her shoulder.
  15. Haha, well it's decided then! After hearing all these comments, I wouldn't recommend it...