Does the LG Prada fit the Wapity?

  1. I just got myself a LG's a wonderful phone. BUT! The leather pouch is causing stains on my beautifull phone!!:crybaby::crybaby:

    I am thinking of getting a Wapity to put it in...does anyone know if the LG Prada fits the Wapity?
  2. I think it would be too big, but yes i do think it will fit

    i'm looking into pouches for my phone (orange spv m700) myself, i really want something vernis but can't find anything :sad: i think the sigarette case would be great but i want vernis!!

    good luck!
  3. Nah...I doubt the cigge case would fit my phone =/

    I hope I can find something that fits soon..before my phone gets destroyed even more:yucky:
  4. Omg your leather case caused stains! Where did you buy it from? Can you take it back? I have had no problems with my case!
  5. I bought it from a IT fair...damn...I must be unlucky:crybaby:

    Some pics of what happened to it...those spots or lines next to the reflected lamp =(



  6. Anyone?
  7. will it fit into the vernis pouch?
  8. i got a LG Prada and mine fits into a cigarette case, i brought a Damier one cos that's all they had and i didn;t want the phone to be scratched
  9. I've been looking for a wallet/organizer that fits my iphone forever, then I got this from eBay last night.

  10. loosk pics of iphone in it..:p
  11. Sure. I guess the left pocket is perfect for iphone and I can also have my credit cards and cash in it so I don't have to carry phone case and wallet separately when I go out. :smile:
  12. wouldn't it be a tad annoying when the phone rings or do you use blue tooth