Does the Legacy Hippie come in Signature?

  1. I am frustrated because I love the look of the Legacy hippie bag (its picture is right there on the website!), but the site doesn't actually list it, so I can get no details! I am just interested in things like size, price, colors, and whether it comes in signature fabric like all of the other Legacy bags.

    Does anyone know these details or have a catalogue that lists them? I am going to the boutique on Saturday, but I'd like a heads-up before I go in. I want to buy a bag this weekend, but I haven't decided which. The Ali is gorgeous, but it just isn't quite right - slightly big with a slightly short strap. Most of the other Legacy bags have shorter straps than I prefer, even when they are called shoulder bags. So the strap on the Hippie bag seems right, but I'd really like a signature bag...
  2. yes yes yes

    if the SAs don't know, ask to look in the current assortment book behind the cashwrap

    its only in flagship stores, and the leather is in fashion i believe, or is it the other way around?


    anyways. the leather you can order, and have seen it, was on this forum too

    but the signature i'm not 1oo% sure if it's orderable now, to be honest i was more interested in the signature.

    you can always call a coach store to find out! the one at post&grant in SF has everything! except pyton b/c it cannot be sold in CA. 415-392-1772
  3. I am so glad. I think i will check my store on Saturday, though if something is harder to get, it is likely they will not have it (a WI store, after all). If they cannot order it for me, I will likely call CA to see if they have it and can ship it.

    It is hard to tell without seeing it in person, but the bag looks perfect. I just want it in signature!
  4. ms-whitney, which stores are the flagship stores? I'm guessing there is one in SF and one in NY, but is there one in Chicago, too? I might be willing to make the drive this weekend if there is.
  5. I just ordered one from the Coach #. It's currently available in the signature with ebony trim and the black signature with black trim. But they are getting a small shipment of signature with gold trim (which is what I ordered) within a week and the signature with white trim in December.
  6. I just called the flagship store in Chicago, and they said that no store in the continental U.S. has it. It is available in Hawaii or Asia or for order from the distribution center. Too bad they put it up in the featured photo under Legacy handbags on the website!

    I am going to go look at the store this weekend, but I will probably end up ordering the Legacy Hippie in the khaki/ebony signature combination. The measurements on the bag seem perfect, and the strap is a lot longer than the other bags, which I really prefer. It is just hard to order a bag that I cannot try on first!

    Do you pay shipping if you order it through a store?
  7. What is the style number of the Hippie Flap? i just got back from the store & didn't see it in the book (didn't ask).
  8. The style number I was told is 10336. It is the bag pictured in the upper left when you click handbags under the Legacy collection. It is $378 in signature and $398 in leather like the ones shown.

    I haven't been to a store to check the book, but they told me over the phone they could order it for me.

    They also said the slim flap is available without fringes.
  9. Thanks.