Does the leather on the Leather Carly soften up?

  1. I just got a black leather large Carly and I love her to death. I was wondering if the leather softens up after a while? It is also kind of heavy, but I want this to be my everyday bag. She is one sexy bag.
  2. I have the large black leather Carly since March and I find the leather to be just fine the way it is. The bag has gotten a little slouchier since I purchased it but I never thought it was too stiff. You're right-she is very sexy!
  3. LIblue,
    You have had this bag since March. Do you carry it often? I want to carry it all the time because I paid a lot for it, and I think it is too "sexy" to leave at the house. I am 5' feet and very curvy, but she looks good on me. She actually makes me look smaller. I sold off some bags I am not carrying to recoup some of the money spent on this bag. I bought her to celebrate a major milesone in my life.
  4. Yes, I use this bag quite often. It's the kind of bag that always looks right. Ok, maybe not with an evening gown but how often do those occasions come up? I am 5'7" and a BBW and I know what you mean-the bag is very complimentary. I am glad you treated yourself to mark a special milestone. I do that too. :yes:
  5. LIblue,
    How long have you had this bag? When did the Carly come out? Does the leather lose some of its shine? Has your leather softened up with use?
  6. I purchased my bag in March. I have used it quite often and it still looks great. It has relaxed a bit but I don't think the finish on the leather has changed. My bag was not very shiny to start with. I THINK the Carly line came out during 2006 but if I am wrong someone will correct me.
  7. My leather is not tooo shiny, but it has a nice shine to it. She is a big bag, but the slouch cuts that significantly. I have an 8 year-old son and he almost died moving it at the nail salon for me today.