Does the Kooba Sienna bag come in two sizes? r/o pls.

  1. I'm confused by some of the posts on eBay listing the bag as small or large Kooba Sienna. Does anyone know the dimensions? TIA
  2. Hello, and welcome! Kooba carries a "Frankie" which looks like the smaller veresion of the Sienna. The Frankie is about 15" x 8 x 8. Sienna is larger. I think anyone listing on eBay should know the name of the bag they are listing, instead of saying "small Sienna", so, in my opinion, I would watch out for that.
  3. I think the Scarlett is the smaller version of the Sienna. Every now and then they do pop up on e-bay.
  4. Oh, yeah....I totally forgot about the little Scarlett!
  5. The Sienna is 14 x 10 and the Scarlett is 12 x 8 or so. Really both are useable sizes. I can stuff that Scarlett pretty good..LOL
  6. That Frankie bag is pretty cool with the two sections and little hidden zipper section deep inside between the two other sections. But, it does take away some of the space you'd normally find in one open section. The raisin one is really pretty. I'd love to find a raisin Sienna.
  7. Theres the sienna then a smaller much shorter version called scarlett.