Does The Kooba Natasha Have Kooba On Both Sides Of The Inside Zipper Pull?please Help

  1. HI ALL, Does anyone know if the authentic Kooba Natasha has "KOOBA" written on just one side of the zipper pull, or both sides? Please let me know = ) Thanks!
  2. I don't have a Natasha but I have a Parker and since they are the same season bag they should be the same. Kooba is only on one side. Alot of Fakes on eBay in the past have Kooba on both sides and the Fake Natasha's & Parker were in abundance on eBay because Ioffer was selling them for 160.00. I hope your zipper only has Kooba on one side.
  3. One side...:tup:
  4. My Jessie and Sienna have Kooba on one side only.