Does the Keepall 55 come with a dustbag?

  1. My BF bought me a Keepall 55 for my birthday from eLuxury. I love the bag and it came in the wonderful brown box (love it!). However, it didn't come with a dust cover.

    When other people have ordered larger items from eLuxury, have they come with dustbags? If they do come with dust covers, would it be possible to go to a Louis Vuitton store and request a dust cover or would I need to contact eLuxury and request one to be sent?
  2. I did not get a dustbag with my Keepall 55 purchased at a boutique. I prefer to store it shaped, so that it won't crease/crack eventually.
  3. I got a dustbag for my MC Keepall 45 and my Sac Chien. But no dustbag for my Trolley Bosphore. Maybe they don't have any for the larger luggage pieces? :shrugs: All pieces were from the boutique.
  4. they dont do dustbags for the keepalls is what the SA in paris told my mum when she asked why she didnt get one with her 55!
  5. Eluxury does not have extra dust covers for a customer to order. Your best chances of getting a dust cover for your Keepall 55 will be from the boutique. If you have a good relationship with a particular SA, they might be able to get you a dust cover at their discretion.
  6. Yes mine 60 didnt come with dust bag too. I wrote to mail to LV and they replied that keepalls dont comes with dust bags...
  7. Thanks for the information!

    I would love to store my Keepall standing up but my apartment in SF is SMALL! I can barely fit in all my clothes, shoes and coats let alone have a separate space for bags. I guess it time to face the music and sell some stuff!

    Appreciate it....
  8. My keepall 50 came with a dustbag. Ring your store and ask them for one.
  9. Clake, it's better to store your Keepall stuffed with towels or t-shirts when not in use to prevent the canvas from cracking.
  10. I have the keepall 55 and I asked the SA for a dust bag and she informed me that they don't come with one. Which is fine because I keep mine stuffed with 3 beach towels to prevent cracking.
  11. my aunt says yes, she bought boutique though.
  12. I got one with my keepall...
  13. I got one with my MC keepall and a red one with my cerise keepall...but that might be because of the smaller size, 45...or the nature of the print.