Does the Keepall 50 in Regular Damier Come with a Strap

  1. I am considering purchasing a keepall(still unsure of the size) and am leaning towards a 50 in regular Damier. I looked at the LV website and did not see if offered with a shoulder strap. Is it possible to purchase a strap. Also, which do you prefer regular mono or Damier. And size 45 or 50. Sorry for all the questions, but this would be my first big LV purchase.
  2. The Keepall only comes in Damier print in the 55 and 50. The 55 comes with the strap, the 50 does not. It's not possible to add a strap, either. The bags are built differently.

    Personally, I prefer the Damier on the keepalls, and I love the 55 with the strap even though it is a couple hundred dollars more. You can carry both onto an airplane, but the deep chocolate leather of the strap and handles on the Damier is so rich looking.
  3. i believe you can special order a 50 with strap in damier (but not azur)
  4. Hopefully they will make the Damier Keepall 50 Bandouliere!!! I would sooo get one.
  5. thanks everyone
    John i hope they make one soon too