Does the Jumbo work for me?

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Does it work?

  1. Works!

    83 vote(s)
  2. Doesn’t work!

    37 vote(s)
  1. You are rocking the jumbo in lambskin really well!
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  2. LOVE IT on you. Get it!! 100%

    The ultimate classic.
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  3. The jumbo looks great on you!
    As FYI, I saw a guy who wore a jumbo crossbody but the bag was pushed toward his back, kind of like how some men wear a messenger bag, pushed to the back.

    It looked great on him! So chic and carefree! Try it that way and see if you like it.

    I started wearing some of crossbody totes that way too, love that look.
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  4. Love lambskin. The only negative to lambskin in larger bags is the leather gives a little more So you are more prone to getting the slouched corners. Keep that in mind but I think lamb looks the best.
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  5. First I wanna say, get what you want!!
    Second, that smile says a LOT, I would have a hard time not buying it for you if I saw that look on your face.
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  6. Not a fan of jumbo either. It aged me by 20 years and scared me of CF for about 2 years
    Try a medium. I loved mine. Since you are taller, I would say maxi would look great too.
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  7. Thank you for all your opinions! Didn’t expect the thread to get that much attention ;D

    Update: My SA was able to get a new Jumbo from a different store in Europe. I am going to collect it early next month because we are moving houses next week and it’s just pure chaos. I‘ll just consider the Jumbo to be an award for the hard work and ignore the price tag ;)
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  8. Yeah figured this might be a problem. Would stuffing it while being stored help?
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  9. I have found getting an insert from places like Samorga and storing it with it and light tissue paper helps. Ultimately it may happen I would be more concerned if it was a maxi but that’s the only thing I would focus on. The bigger the bag the bigger the risk. Scratches and wear and tear is not my worry. Lamb is more resilient than most people think. Love lambskin!
  10. I have a Jumbo organizer laying around so I might do that, thank you!

    I have no Problem with the bag aging. My mission is to have the most beautiful vintage jumbo one day :smile:
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