Does the Jumbo work for me?

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Does it work?

  1. Works!

    86 vote(s)
  2. Doesn’t work!

    38 vote(s)
  1. There’s just something great about a soft smoosh-able leather!

    As you said earlier, the durability of caviar is a positive but I’d rather have something a love but have to take care of then to settle due to durability concerns.

    Hopefully you’re able to get your new bag soon!
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    You look great in the jumbo SHW! I think the flap in crossbody is a pretty, casual way of wearing the Chanel flap, as long as the length of the strap is proportional to the height of the person. I like the length of it as it is on you, but if you wanted it to be tad longer (or smaller for others), the Restory does a fantastic job in modifying the length of Chanel flap straps. The service is available at Selfridges and Harvey Nichols in London (you can ship them your bag!).

    Here's a link to a recent project they finished on making the strap longer so that this jumbo (or maxi?) could be worn comfortably in crossbody:

    As for the choice of leather, choose whichever makes your heart sing! I feel like these days there are so many spas and services which can repair damaged lamb skin, as long as it's been cared for during its use. No need to fret too much - lambskin is and will always be my first choice at Chanel.
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  3. Not gonna lie! You look really edgy & great with the jumbo! :cool:Be it in lambskin/ caviar or gold/silver! Perfect timing it’s meant for you! :flowers:
  4. @Kuschelnudde which combination did you get!? I am late to this thread, but I actually thought the gold/black Jumbo looked great on you. Specifically, the gold looks so extra!

    My BF often carries a laptop bag, it's quite big and boxy (he uses 15" laptops for work.) So your look was interesting to me...a modern, masculine take on what is a traditional daintier, feminine design.

    [I own a silver/black M/L because I'm small.]
  5. @af068 Great, I‘ll look into it!


    I haven‘t bought a Jumbo yet... the one they had available was for display purposes and it showed some wear. My SA tries to get a new one from another boutique in silver with lambskin. I have no lambskin pieces in my collection and a Jumbo seems to be a good choice in lambskin to me (potential wear and tear issues aside).

    Thank you for the comment on the look! I have to say it just kind of happened... it took some courage to run around with supposedly ‚female‘ designer handbags but I‘ve gotten used to the looks and don‘t care. My SA at Chanel is also pretty cool about it and shows me everything, she even wanted to show me a 19. I‘ll miss her once she leaves at the end of next month...
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  6. I like how you wear it crossbody! It looks almost like a messenger bag.
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    Bags do not have genders! They may have been designed to suit what's considered to be a feminine taste, but that's very much cultural. We're all more or less conditionned to think that a bag designed for women would look better on a woman - but only because our eyes have always been accustomed to associate this or that design or color for women's fashion.

    Have you ever looked at portraits of male, European aristocrats from the 18th century? Powdered wigs, heels, rouge galore on cheeks, laces and frills, tights - all of those would be considered effeminate today, but was very much in fashion and considered "masculine."

    Perhaps a more relevant example would be male Asian beauty and fashion. With the spread of K-pop, Western audiences have been introduced to an aesthetic that would be considered effeminate. However, back in South Korea, a country where traditional gender roles are much more defined and rigid there than they are in the West, wearing makeup or bags are not considered to be effeminate.

    Chanel in particular has always borrowed heavily from men's fashion. What made it so avant-garde was because Gabrielle Chanel would use materials, shapes and cuts which had been previously been reserved only for men's fashion. We have a tendency to associate tweed, for example, to an old rich lady, but that material made headlines back then because it was considered appropriate only for men. Not to mention the classic tailleur which is more or less a women's version of a suit (this wasn't considered appropriate during the first half of the 20th century - blazers and pants on women, oh my!). Why couldn't/shouldn't the reverse happen now?

    Fashion is very much changing these days with more androgynous looks. It wouldn't look out of a place in a big city. And most importantly, if you like it, get it! Anyone else who thinks badly of it can go moan about it in their own little corner somewhere. These people probably would've been the same ones back then, belittizling women who would wear pants and not a dress, because it wouldn't be "gender appropriate."
  8. my thoughts exactly! Great write up!
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  9. Also - bags in the West have been long considered to be a feminine accessory for a simple reason: women's fashion had no pockets. For much of the 18th and 19th centuries, women would wear pouches which were attached discreetly to their dresses, when they were going out and needed to carry something. These pouches would evolve into handbags during the 20th century.

    Having said this, more pockets for women!!!
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  10. I think you rock this Jumbo in lambskin with silver! I don't know if you have to baby it to death-- I've had really good luck with lambskin on my Boy bag (just swirling out any scratches--which I really only noticed on the parts without quilting) and I think the classic is even more forgiving. Anyway, you look great with all the bags you tried on and I don't think you would go wrong with any of them, but that Jumbo in lambskin is amazing!
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  11. I think the jumbo looks great on you. You have the frame to pull off a large size bag as a crossbody. Plus you have a huge smile on your face wearing it so I say go for it when you can.
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  12. It doesn't really work in my opinion.

    I really loved the Gabrielle and Woc on you .
    I guess you have a tweed me , which also suits u and looked nice on u.
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  13. The 2.55 is just OK on you , it doesn’t add much to u.
  14. I want to add that you should get what you want and makes your heart happy. I realize you asked for opinions but don’t let the negative ones dissuade you from doing what is ultimately best for you.
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  15. Looking forward to seeing the reveal soon! Missing taking out my jumbo :sad: