Does the Jumbo work for me?

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Does it work?

  1. Works!

    83 vote(s)
  2. Doesn’t work!

    37 vote(s)
  1. I am really not into the Jumbo on you, even if in silver. I am not a fan of the jumbo size in any event, but also I think the classic flap is a shoulder bag. It doesn’t look its best crossbody.

    The Reissue on the other hand, completely different story. I also see it more as a shoulder bag, but it looks great on you crossbody and the ruthenium hardware (is it?) looks very edgy.
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  2. Love it! It compliments your outfit as well!
    The jumbo looks great crossbody somehow on you! While the reissue looks flat..Go for it..the Jumbo!
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  3. I much prefer the reissue on you than the jumbo but the reissue would be perfect in a bigger size - 226.
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  4. I think your Boy bag beats both the Classic Flap and the Reissue in terms of how it looks on you. I wouldn't get either of the latter bags. Even your Gabrielle looks better on you than these two.
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  5. i own several jumbo Chanels and I love every single one of them. I like that its big and can fit a lot more ( any size wallet, cosmetic pouch, etc) than m/l or even compared to old medium boys. Yes it is heavy ( it's all leather) and even heavier depending on what you put inside, but it doesn't bother me. I personally find it more difficult to downsize especially when I have to use smaller handbags. I never use it as a crossbody because of my height (5'4"), it sits way below my hips and very boxy.. it's a classic bag in my opinion and it'll be around forever..
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  6. It works so well on you! The jumbo is perfect but I would say silver HDW should be better but that’s my personal idea: m/l in gold HDW and jumbo in silver.
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  7. “even“ ;_;

    You‘re right, the Boy bag is the best out of them for my style/frame. It’s also the one that drew me to Chanel in the first place and now I’m very deep down the rabbit hole.
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  8. Have you tried it on after putting your stuff in there? While everyone has mentioned how boxy and heavy it is, I think it's worth noting too that it feels particularly heavy when you've now only got one strap taking on the load and not two. I actually worry about the strain on the straps, plus how it digs into my shoulder.

    Wear what makes you happy though. :smile: Your frame and style, you could pull this look off. (I kinda prefer the GHW over SHW!)
  9. I love it on you! I've seen tons of people who are tall on Instagram wear it crossbody and it looks great! Fashion is all relative to you. Some people will love things that others hate. Just make you. If you wear it confidently like you are in the picture, people will follow hahah. I love love my jumbo (have the black with shw). I'm too short to wear it cross body (5'2) it goes almost to my knees but I've love the way it looked on taller people. Get iittttt.
  10. I agree with @ashin121 in that we won't all like the same things. For me, I would almost rather you explore a different style like the Petite Malle from LV which I think you will rock!

    If you had to get one of the two that you posted, I would say the Reissue looks better on you.
  11. I like how the jumbo looks on you :smile:
  12. You‘ll all probably laugh but the recent increase made me set on buying a jumbo because I will not stomach another increase and want to get it over with before they will rise it again.

    They didn’t have one in store but I tried a silver/lamb combo and I love it! My SA is trying to get it from another store. Fingers crossed.

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  13. I love lamb and have a mini in lamb but if you’re planning on wearing the jumbo often then it will show wear and tear quite quickly as the surface area of the bag is bigger and it will knock into things more. I got my jumbo in caviar for that reason. Just food for thought. Otherwise it’s very beautiful in lambskin.
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    I think it looks great on you crossbody! I wish I could wear mine crossbody haha
    I hope you find a perfect one!

    I love the reissue style it sits closer to the body and a much softer/comfy bag compared to a caviar jumbo which is a bit bulky. Also since its bulkier it might see more damage in lambskin, caviar is soooo durable however.
  15. Good advice!
    It’s not supposed to be my everyday bag, that would be my boy in caviar or the Gabrielle.

    On top of that i also want to have a leather which ages and develops a patina. I love vintage lambskin pieces which were treated well in their long lifespan... to me it’s more interesting than caviar leather. Can’t wait to baby it to death ;)