Does the Hobo come in all the greens?

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  1. Hi, I have been looking at these Balenciaga bags now for some time and love them, I really want a green one could you tell me if the Hobo style comes in every green their is particular the 06 thanks. ......PS its Decophile birthday today see thread in General discussion to wish her happy birthday
  2. I think it does but can't tell you for shure. I saw a sapin hobo the other day and it was amazing really rich and soft leather!

    Go for it:yes: !
  3. That was the colour I was looking at - the sapin but have not seen it in the Hobo.
  4. I send you a pm with the stores phonenumber you can check!
  5. Thanks CatCat and for sending Birthday wishes to Deco in the General Dis. thread she will be thrilled when she sees all her friends wishing her a happy birthday
  6. The last time I saw a sapin Day was in September at Neiman Marcus in Short Hills mall. Check BalNY...I'm sure they have some.

  7. I shall try them as well, thank you
  8. There is a lovely green day up on ebay right now. Great looking bag, with great looking soft leather. I would snag, but I'm saving up for 07! Good luck!
  9. I have also seen the Day in Sapin but has now been sold – gorgeous leather, but colour is not me.