Does the Heritage Stripe Swingpack come in Green?

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  1. Do you know if it comes in green?
  2. i believe it does.
  3. It does :yes: It should be on too :tup:
  4. I did not see it there (online)...and boutique tells me it doesn't....I knew you girls would know, now i just need to find it!
  5. oh, jeez, i just looked and it doesn't! maybe it sold out? hmmmm......
  6. i knew i saw it somewhere! :nuts: duh, eBay!
    i guess it sold out.
  7. Someone on the forum has one in green, it's in the February Purchases thread!
  8. yes it does i saw one at Dillards
  9. why would the store tell me it does not come in green...isn't that odd! i even told them I saw it somewhere before, I think I saw it on eBay as well!
  10. maybe the SA meant they didn't have any in stock?
  11. Call JAX. See what they say.
  12. They maybe a department store exclusive. I saw them either on the Macy's or Nordstrom websites.
  13. Dillards and Macys have them!
  14. They are on