Does the hardware "tarnish"?

  1. I recently purchased a black caviar jumbo classic flap with gold h/w. By reading through threads, looks like the silver h/w is more popular and I was thinking.... Should I have gotten the silver h/w? I tried on both when I purchased and the SA told me the gold looked stunning.. What I also noticed is that the gold h/w makes the bag look a tad bigger! Anywhoo... I took a liking to the gold right away as it looks fancier and more dressy. HOWEVER, because that was only my second Chanel... I want to know if, over time, does the gold h/w get tarnished looking, use after use? It wouldn't be so obvious with the silver h/w if it does, right?

    I really love my gold h/w... But I just want to know if the gold will 'fade' over time...

    Thanks in advance :shrugs:
  2. I think the hardware (especially gold) is coated. You could take a look at some vintage Chanel on eBay to see if it tarnishes.
  3. Thanks smoothporter! I know.. I'll check it out. I asked Mariela at NM, TWICE of what she thought.. silver or gold.. And she said gold right away. I'm just so indecisive and easily influenced by what's popular. Personally, I am heading for the classic chanel look and I think the gold says it more.. At least IMHO.

    thanks again!
  4. I don't think it usually tarnishes.
  5. I'm no help, I like both. It's a toss up for me, silver/gold hardware on black.:shrugs:
  6. Parts of the gold HW on two of my old bags from the '80s actually turned green in spots. I'm sure it would happen to the silver too.

    It was probably my fault, a bit. I wasn't taking as great care with my purses back then, as I do now. I was harder on them and now I check weather conditions, etc, if I'm going to be using a particular purse.

    So to answer your question... I think the HW, whether silver or gold, can tarnish and eventually corrode.