Does the GST come with silver hardware?

  1. I've been searching on the site forever and can't seem to figure it out. Also, does anyone know how much it is now? Any help is appreciated!:flowers:
  2. Yes, it comes with silver hardware. When I bought mine in Oct. it was in the $2000 range...
  3. I think it is $2350 now, it was $1995 before the November price increase.
  4. I paid $2125. for mine last week.
  5. yes it does, but it's apparently pretty hard to find. i have one waiting for me in vegas that my SA rang up for me but i just decided on another bag so it will be returned...probably today. if you want it, PM and i'll give you the name and number of my SA and have her hold it if it's not already taken...
  6. Thank you!!! You ladies are good! :tup:

    Since you're all so good maybe you know what colors it comes the silver hardware. I'm thinking I would like chocolate brown or ivory.

    mineko you're sweet! what color is it?
  7. I know the black and the navy for sure come with the silver hardware.

    I thought the brown & beige came with gold only but I may be wrong.
  8. There is also white in sh :smile:
  9. its black caviar...very classic! i think the GST in every color combo looks great though. :smile:
  10. I've never seen the black GST with gold h/w? Silver is the nicest though :smile:
  11. They do have it with gold hw as well. My SA told me that the Black GSTs with silver hardware has been in high demand and when I got mine about a month or two ago (I had to return my original one because of a defect and then had to wait for the boutique to get more in) and it turned out to be the newer washed caviar. I think the stores have been getting in the new washed caviar and everyone's been looking for them so that's why they're hard to find at the moment. I did hear that there are more in the system, so they should be getting more in stores soon.
  12. The chocolate brown did come with silver HW ... I just got mine off eBay about a week ago (brand new with tags).
  13. My gst silver was $2125 last week. New Orleans Saks had a brown one ladychloe. Good luck:smile:
  14. It depends where you live. The US and Europe/Canada/Australia have different markets. Silver hardware is only considered timeless in the US, and seasonal in EU/CA/AU.
  15. i got black w/ gold hardware a couple of months ago, it was super easy to find.