Does the GGH LE look pinker than the Rh ones

  1. Can someone post these two side by said I am not great with computers...but I think the GGH is a different color.....hmmm.....
  2. I agree....Just from the pics I have seen, the GH definitely looks more pink. When I first saw it in the GH I didn't notice it as a Bbag color. The RH is defintely the best combo, IMO.
  3. I *think* sometimes the hardware makes a difference/impact on the color... like the gold will bring out more of the undertones (?)... I've noticed this with other color bags with GH (gold or silver)...
  4. I agree. Some colors compliment others better and in this case I think the RH is the most flattering for the Magenta and the SGH would be nice. But the bright gold just distracts from the Magenta.
  5. It's also pretty hard to compare when we have so many different photographers and such variable lighting.

  6. :yes::yes::yes:.... magenta is a color that can stand on its own and give you that "wow :nuts:" factor... I have yet to see the SGH on the magenta though... oh where are all of you gals who ordered the SGH? all this magenta is making me nuts!
  7. After seeing a couple LE Magenta with GGH, I'm really liking it with the GGH. The gold and magenta compliment each other very well. I think the GGH make the bag look very classy...IMO.
  8. WORD!!

    I'll not get on my Kelvin soapbox but I suspect you are right :yes:

  9. Exactly!! I can take 10 pictures of a bag and it will look like 10 variations of the same bag. When I took pics of the LE magenta in the FL sun, it came out more purple than it is to the naked eye. I held it up to the picture on my computer screen and it was obvious that the sunlight brought out more purple tones. Inside it looks much more pink.
  10. I have been really impressed by the photos of the GGH Magenta bags so far. The warmth of the gold and the magenta leather really lift each other. To me this combo has superstar quality.
  11. Jenova, I agree with you! I think this is one of my favorites of all time! I wish I could see it in real life - I never would have thought I would like that combination - the GGH and the magenta, but I absolutely love it! Stunning, stunning, and more stunning!
  12. I totally agree with you girls!!! I've never really liked the GH, but the magenta with GGH is stunning. I can't stop thinking about it!!!
  13. I think the GGH has always had a tendancyto make the bag look a different colour, I must admit i have been really wowed with the GGH bags seen in magenta. It is an amazing statement piece and sammydoll seriouslyrocks hers!
  14. sammydoll's GGH LE is having me completely in love with the combo of color+hardware. im hoping the 08 magenta isnt too different so i can purchase a similar combo except maybe in the weekender or work ;)

    im also not a fan of the ggh + city but i think it looks amazing in magenta. i personally think balenciaga did a good job in the end with the LE's.
  15. I really need to see some side-by-side pics of the GH and RH magenta bags. Did anyone order both?