Does the Fleurs Multicolore Keychain scratch easily?

  1. I love the big chunky resin disks but am wondering about the durability. Anybody out there using theirs and want to provide feedback?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I find that the LV resin seems to be hard, I have never had problems with my LV items, but then again, I'm pretty careful.
    Oh, and I use it as a bag charm only, not as a keychain.
  3. I was wondering the exact same thing! Does it get dull? Well- nevermind- I'm sure anything like that would dull easily with repeated use :rolleyes:
  4. I have been actually using mine as a keychain, and so far so good :smile:
  5. I've been wondering the same thing! I use mine as a bag charm only and it goes back into its little bag and box after use.
  6. I've been using mine non-stop for a couple weeks and so far so good!
  7. I use mine everyday as a keychain and it has been very durable.
  8. I used mine as a bagcharm..and I'm pretty protective of her..:love:
  9. Thanks everyone for the feedback. :flowers: My local store has them so I'll go check it out tomorrow.

    This probably sounds silly...but it's just such a happy piece! LOL
  10. Lots of surface scratches on my phone charm...which has the same lozenges as the keychain, not huge scratches but expect to see many surface scratches appear!!
  11. I expect some scratches with rough use but my concern was actually the way they are connected to the main piece..the little chain link things. When I got mine my elux it came broken, my DH put it together in a way you couldn't tell anything was wrong, but I imagine it could come apart just as easy again since they aren't completely connected. I feel like supergluing it or something! Wasn't worth sending it back so I thought I'd deal and be careful.:sad: