Does the factory...

  1. reject most special order requests? after seeing this image of a mini ribera in mono, i decided i had to have:


    anyone think they might possibly do it in multicolor? would be so cute...
  2. You'll have to submit your request through the boutique. Your SA will tell you before submitting if HQ will accept your SO request for a Riberi in MC. WOW! I hope they do accept that sounds really cute.
  3. me too, it would be adorableee
  4. good luck - either mono or mc would be fantastic!
  5. No MC SOs allowed, at least so far. :smile:
  6. awh man, well i'd still get either the damier or mono one... :love:
  7. ^awww... twinkle... *sigh* guess it won't happen then.
  8. I'm waiting it out to SO something in Azur. Still too soon.
  9. ^ I think you have to wait something like two years after released before they consider it
  10. Yeah, they might not honor the azur request because they're probably not sure how it will survive as a permanent line. And for the original thread OP unfortunately no SO allowed in multicolore! My friend at LVMH said it's due to the complications with the original artist Murakami's receiving royalties for his original design. To elaborate, LV contracted him to commission the original Murakami lines, and then they made MC a permanent line which he apparently wasn't too happy about. So to honor special requests in MC would not be possible.
  11. oohh... Thank you for this information. Would it apply to taking a MC design to do a SO in Monogram?:s
  12. i asked them right around the time azur came out and they told me they usually wait six months to consider SO items in new lines. but she told me to keep checking back.
  13. Amour your idea is a gorgeous one! Good luck with it!
  14. I just recently started loving the Damier Ribera Mini *but* would love one in black Epi also.

    btw I'm not a mono perso but I love the Ribera mini that was posted!!
  15. too bad no mc SO's.....the ribera would look so adorable with the mC!