does the epi zippy wallet come in the new CASSIS??

  1. i hope so!!! :smile: i'm loving it... (well from what i have seen online...)

    how's the color IRL? darker? deeper?
  2. Yes! This was listed in the lookbook. The color IRL is a gorgeous deep purple. I totally love it!! The zippy wallet in Cassis would be sooo hot!
  3. :yes:
  4. do a search - theres a couple pics posted here and you'll be thrilled when you see it. --Super cute!
  5. Yes it does and it's absolutely tdf!

    <--- I have it in the Pochette and I love it!
  6. oooooh! yay!! can't wait -- i've looked all over online and haven't seen it yet in the zippy. i'll go check out the stores soon...

    (sweetpurple -- your wallets are beeeyoooootiful!!! love them!)
  7. PS> sweetpurple -- does the pouchette lay flat/slim when it's full or does it get rather bulky? i was deciding between that and the zippy for the longest time...

  8. allwaizshopping (by the way, the name is cute! i'm always like that too!) - Please do let us know if there is a Cassis epi zippy wallet & the price. I've been lusting for one too! But you beat me to posting :p I've got my fingers crossed!
  9. the world is being taken over by purple.