Does the EPI Speedy sag???

  1. I know the mono and damier speedies sag, but I was wondering if the Epi speedy sags also, or if it has a structured bottom? The few I've seen on here don't look like they sag, but it's hard to tell.
  2. It has a structured bottom and doesn't sag. I put a piece of cardboard in mine anyway, but only because I'm paranoid. I don't want even the slightest bit of sag from carrying stuff in it, but epi is much stiffer than canvas, so there's no reason to worry.

  3. Awesome! So, is the bottom of the bag it's own piece of material or is it all wrapped around like mono speedies? I mean is it stiched seperatly? Thank for the info!!!
  4. The epi speedy has a piece of leather going across the bottom, which gives it support. I don't think it is one piece.
  5. how about the multicolore speedy ?
  6. Not sure if it's one piece material (wrap around )but has a strip of leather right in the middle of the bottom of the bag.
  7. my epi speedy sags a little when i carry only a few things, so i tend to really fill it up, then there's no sagging at all.
  8. No, it doesn't.:smile:
  9. Yes, it does when it's not full.

  10. Wow! LV addict--I know you just got your manderene speedy and wallet, do you put alot in the bag? I am trying to decide between the speedy and jasminl. I'd really like the speedy (you guys have converted me) but not if it sags one bit cause that would drive me nuts!!
  11. It looks like it's a separate piece of leather to me.

    Just get a good piece of cardboard or plexiglass- the bag itself doesn't have a super rigid shape, since I have the softer epi leather. But if even any amount of sag will drive you crazy, you might want the Jasmin. At the same time, just know that this is one of the more reinforced speedies out there, and you can't go wrong with an epi (I think it would take a LOT for it to lose its shape- you'd really have to overload it with heavy things!).
  12. It can sag a bit, but not much. It has nice pockets on the side walls, (new ones) and I put my wallet and heavy items in there. If not, a purseket definitely helps control the sag.
  13. I do put a lot in it and find that it doesn't sag at all.:smile: When you go to the store why don't you put the contents of the bag you have with you into the speedy to try it out for yourself.:idea: You can't go wrong with either bag! They are both GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  14. Mine doesn't sag, but it is getting tiny wrinkles around the zipper area.
  15. I like that it sags. I don't know why but I do!! lol