Does the Epi Speedy come in the same

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  1. sizes as the mono speedy? I don't have any Epi pieces yet and :heart: :heart: the Speedy (as I have 6) so I was thinking an Epi Speedy would be good, but I only like the 30 or 35. Also, what colors does this bag come in? I'm thinking I might want the "traditional" black!:yahoo:

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Check them out on Eluxury.Com they have great pics too.
  3. they come in 25 and 30 as far as i know but not all colors come in both sizes.

    right now i think there is black, new red and canelle. all with silver hardware.

    in the past there were many more colors but they're all discontinued (as far as i know)

    white should be coming out this spring.
  4. i think same size, but epi is structured well compare to monogram
  5. Epi sizes run larger.
  6. Yes a bit larger. My Speedy 30 is almost as big as a 35! I really love the size!
  7. Here is a pict of my two speedy 25, epi is definitely bigger

  8. looks just like a 30!!! It does look really big compared to your 25??? Is yours a Mytrille Color that I so want and have coveted for what seems like forever???

    I know Bagsnbags has a great picture of her Speedys in comparison...I copied from an earlier post...I hope she doesn't mind!! Big difference there also!!!
  9. It is indeed a 25 and yes the color is Myrtille! :love:
  10. Yes, the Epi Speedy is around 2" larger than Mono/Damier's.
    I have Mono Speedy 30, but I must turn to get Epi Speedy 25 instead of 30.
    The Epi 30 is too big for looks ridiculous on me as well!!!
  11. i took that same pic last night and it's on my collection thread.

    i have the mono 25, myrtille 25 and damier 30. i really love the size of the damier 30. the myrtille 25 seems really small to me but then compared to the mono (which i haven't used in a long time) it's really not...
  12. This is the only color avail. right now on elux. Its called Cannelle.

    Here are the other colors I found.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (Found this pic on Google images. Thats why its watermarked "Wendy"

    [​IMG] (wasn't able to make the pic larger but at least you can see the color

    I think there are more but I can't find the pics.
  13. the first one you posted is myrtille. that's the color they show but it's discontinued. the canelle is more like a tan color.
  14. Was anybody besides me looking for a Myrtille 25 in the epi? Inquiring minds want to know...
  15. i was but i got the last one.